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Compatibility for Intel : Socket 775 : BLACKOPS / PCB Ver : 1.0 / BIOS Ver : 7A3F1P07
Result Description: P = Tested Pass, P* = Tested Pass (Engineering Sample CPU)
CPU NameCoreCpu No.FSB (Mhz)L2 CacheWattageResult
Intel  Celeron  1.6G Conroe-L420800512KB 35W P
Intel  Celeron  1.8G Conroe-L430800512KB 35W P
Intel  Celeron  2.0G Conroe-L440800512KB 35W P
Intel  Celeron  2.2G Conroe-L450800512KB 35W P*
Intel  Celeron® Dual-core  1.6G ConroeE1200800512KB 65W P
Intel  Celeron® Dual-core  2.4G ConroeE1600800512KB 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Duo  1.8G ConroeE43008002MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.0G ConroeE44008002MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.2G ConroeE45008002MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.4G ConroeE46008002MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.6G ConroeE47008002MB 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Duo  1.86G ConroeE630010662MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  1.86G ConroeE632010664MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.13G ConroeE640010662MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.13G ConroeE642010664MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.33G ConroeE654013334MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.33G ConroeE655013334MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.4G ConroeE660010664MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.66G ConroeE670010664MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.66G ConroeE675013334MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  3.0G ConroeE685013334MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.53G wolfdaleE720010663MB 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.66G wolfdaleE730010663MB 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.66G wolfdaleE819013333MB*2 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.66G wolfdaleE820013333MB*2 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  2.83G wolfdaleE830013333MB*2 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Duo  3.0G wolfdaleE840013333MB*2 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  3.16G wolfdaleE850013333MB*2 65W P
Intel  Core™2 Duo  3.33G wolfdaleE860013333MB*2 65W P*
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  2.66G KentsfieldQX670010664MB*2 130W P
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  2.93G KentsfieldQX680010664MB*2 130W P
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  3.0G KentsfieldQX685013334MB*2 130W P
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  3.0G YorkfieldQX9650133312MB 130W P
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  3.2G YorkfieldQX9770160012MB 136W P*
Intel  Core™2 Extreme  2.93G ConroeX680010664MB 75W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.4G KentsfieldQ660010664MB*2 105W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.4G KentsfieldQ660010664MB*2 95W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.66G KentsfieldQ670010664MB*2 95W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.33G YorkfieldQ820013334MB 95W P*
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.5G YorkfieldQ930013336MB 95W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.66G YorkfieldQ940013336MB 95W P*
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.66G YorkfieldQ9450133312MB 95W P
Intel  Core™2 QUAD  2.83G YorkfieldQ9550133312MB 95W P*
Intel  Pentium Dual-core  1.6G ConroeE21408001MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium Dual-core  1.8G ConroeE21608001MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium Dual-core  2.0G ConroeE21808001MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium Dual-core  2.2G ConroeE22008001MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium Dual-core  2.4G ConroeE22208001MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.4G Prescott5518001MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.6G Prescott5608001MB 115W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.6G Prescott560J8001MB 115W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.8G Prescott570J8001MB 115W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.8G Prescott5718001MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.0G Prescott6308002MB 84W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.0G Cedar Mill6318002MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.0G Cedar Mill6318002MB 86W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.2G Prescott6408002MB 86W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.2G Cedar Mill6418002MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.4G Prescott6508002MB 84W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.4G Cedar Mill6518002MB 65W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.4G Cedar Mill6518002MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.6G Prescott6608002MB 115W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.6G Cedar Mill6618002MB 86W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.6G Prescott6628002MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.8G Prescott6708002MB 115W P
Intel  Pentium® 4  3.8G Prescott6728002MB NA P*
Intel  Pentium® D  2.8G Smithfield8208001MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.0G Smithfield8308001MB*2 130W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.2G Smithfield8408001MB*2 130W P
Intel  Pentium® D  2.8G Presler9158002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  2.8G Presler9208002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.0G Presler9258002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.0G Presler9308002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.0G Presler9308002MB*2 NA P*
Intel  Pentium® D  3.2G Presler9358002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.2G Presler9408002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.2G Presler9408002MB*2 NA P*
Intel  Pentium® D  3.4G Presler9458002MB*2 95W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.4G Presler9458002MB*2 NA P*
Intel  Pentium® D  3.4G Presler9508002MB*2 130W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.4G Presler9508002MB*2 95W P*
Intel  Pentium® D  3.6G Presler9608002MB*2 130W P
Intel  Pentium® D  3.6G Presler9608002MB*2 NA P*
Intel  Pentium® EE  3.2G Smithfield8408001MB*2 NA P*
Intel  Pentium® EE  3.73G Presler96510662MB*2 130W P