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Compatibility for AMD : Socket AM2+/AM2 : M61PMV / PCB Ver : 1.0 / BIOS Ver : 846F1P08
Result Description: P = Tested Pass, P* = Tested Pass (Engineering Sample CPU)
CPU NameCoreCpu No.L2 CacheWattageResult
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.3G Kuma6500512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.4G Kuma7450512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.5G Kuma7550512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.7G Kuma7750512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.7G Kuma775Z512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon x2  2.8G Kuma785Z512KB*2 95W P
 AM2+ Athlon×2  2.2G Brisbane5000512KB*2 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  1.9G Toliman8250e512KB*3 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.1G Toliman8400512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.1G Toliman8450512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.1G Toliman8450e512KB*3 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.2G Toliman8550512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.3G Toliman8600512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.3G Toliman8650512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.4G Toliman8750512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×3  2.5G Toliman8850512KB*3 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  1.8G Agena9100e512KB×4 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  1.8G Agena9150e512KB×4 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.0G Agena9350e512KB×4 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.1G Agena9450e512KB×4 65W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.2G Agena9500512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.2G Agena9550512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.3G Agena9600512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.3G Agena9650512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.4G Agena9750512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ Phenom×4  2.5G Agena9850512KB×4 95W P
 AM2+ PhenomII×3  2.8G HekaZ715512KB*3 95W P